This position is responsible for drawing blood and other specimens from patients in a timely manner for testing in the laboratory. PRN (as needed) Position Essential Duties · Courteously and promptly assists patients. · Consistently coordinates with other departments for lab draws. · Must be able to successfully perform lab draws on patients, neonate to geriatrics. · Knowledge of various types of needles, anticoagulant, special handling and preparation of test(s) that to be performed. · Identifies patients and labels specimens appropriately. Minimum Requirements · Phlebotomy Certification or blood drawing experience preferred · Customer service experience required · Computer knowledge required · Medical Terminology preferred Mission Making Communities Healthier Vision We want to create places that: · People choose to come for Healthcare · Physicians want to practice · Employees want to work Attitude Exhibits a positive attitude by: · Treating everyone with the dignity that they deserve · Welcoming customers in a friendly manner · Apologizing for problems and inconveniences · Avoiding the sharing of personal problems and frustrations with others · Find out the immediate needs of the customer and asking if there is anything else you can do Communications Exhibits good communication skills when: · Answering the telephone · Providing information · Listening · Smiling, making appropriate eye contact, and giving undivided attention to customers Public Etiquette Exhibits good public etiquette by: · Introducing yourself when meeting a patient or customer for the first time · Smiling and making appropriate eye contact with people · Offering assistance to patients and visitors · Calling patients by name · Communicating in a polite manner using “please” and “thank you” Personal Appearance Personal appearance is professional by: · Dress is professional, clean and in good taste · Wearing identification badge appropriately at all times · Dress is in accordance with hospital and department dress code Confidentiality and Privacy Respects privacy and maintains confidentiality by: · Knocking before entering a patient's room · Providing proper fitting gowns and modestly covering patients · Closing curtains-doors-window blinds during examinations, procedures, consultations · Allowing a patient privacy if you are not directly involved in care being rendered · Following HIPAA regulations · Sharing protected health information and confidential information on a need to know basis only Customer Service Respects the customers' time by: · Acknowledging patients immediately when they come into your area · Explaining the reasons for any delays and keeping the customer apprised of the situation · Training patients on the operation of their bed, television, controls, and telephone · Answering patient call lights promptly with care, courtesy, and respect Personal Responsibility and Accountability Exhibits a sense of ownership and accoun