Visteon Corporation Perception Integration Engineer in Van Buren Twp, Michigan



Support Development of Next Generation ADAS Technologies at Global Industry Leader
Play a Key Role as We Chart a Safe and Successful Roadmap While Developing Cutting-edge Technologies

Bring your perception domain knowledge to an innovative market leader that is shaping the present and future of ADAS and autonomous driving. Here's why:

  • You'll work at the leading edge of self-driving technology, and we encourage all team members to become familiar with the entire platform
  • Your influence will extend beyond perception into computer vision, AI and other areas, and you'll share ideas and insights with international teams
  • You know from the news that it is essential to get this technology right, and Visteon is uniquely positioned to deliver to high standards -- we're looking for professionals who are up for the challenge
  • Our preference is that you have a background in integration, but this could be your chance to use your domain knowledge in a new way
  • While your focus will be on integration, there will be some development work as well
  • As the perception teams grow we may be looking for proven performers to step into leadership roles, and you might also pursue career paths in other areas of Visteon, such as head up displays, infotainment systems and others

A technology-driven company focused on cockpit electronics and the road to autonomous driving. Visteon is at the epicenter of the connected car driving revolution, with one of the broadest cockpit electronics portfolios in the industry. Visteon designs, engineers and manufactures vehicle cockpit electronics products and connected car solutions that deliver a rich, connected experience for drivers and passengers. Visteon is well-positioned to address emerging cockpit electronics trends, with solutions including Phoenix™ infotainment, SmartCore™ domain controllers and an autonomous driving approach that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning. Named a top-five Tier 1 supplier for connected car solutions by ABI Research, Visteon is technology-driven, flexible and enjoys a diversified customer base and broad global footprint.

The Requirements

To meet the basic qualification for this role, you will have legal authorization to work permanently in the United States for any employer without requiring a visa transfer or visa sponsorship. In addition, to be a good fit for the Perception Integration Engineer opportunity, you will have:

  • A bachelor's degree in Informatics, Electrical Engineering, System Engineering, Computer Engineering or related field; a master's is preferred
  • Domain knowledge in perception algorithms and an understanding of fusion and sensors
  • Familiarity with middleware and software environments like ROS and/or DDS, and the ability to understand code; hands-on coding experience is strongly preferred
  • Experience contributing to feature teams using Agile / SCRUM methodologies, test-driven development and continuous integration
  • The ability to effectively work with little or no immediate supervision on several different projects at one time and meet the required deliverables on time, per specifications / standards, and on budget
  • A valid driver's license

Top candidates also will have experience with:

  • Coordinating and synchronizing work between and among engineers
  • ADAS test vehicles and the integration of hardware and software into them
  • System simulation for integration purposes in the field of ADAS / automated driving
  • Linux, Autosar and/or QNX
  • Research and/or development in robotics, automated driving and/or distributed systems You also will need to be willing and able to travel to ADAS development sites up to 20% of the time.
The Role

Visteon recently introduced the DriveCore™ Autonomous Driving Platform to accelerate adoption of self-driving technology. DriveCore is the first solution to allow automakers to build autonomous driving solutions quickly and in an open collaboration model. DriveCore was designed as a complete technology platform, consisting of the hardware, in-vehicle middleware and PC-based software toolset needed to develop machine learning algorithms for autonomous driving applications of Level 3 and above. Building on Visteon’s success with a centralized computing approach, DriveCore will provide automakers a fail-safe domain controller, with a high degree of computing power scalability, which supports the integration of data from multiple camera, Lidar and radar sensors.

Reporting to the Head of the Perception Team, you will coordinate and synchronize the integration for the perception team into the ADAS System following the Agile development approach. Our perception algorithms focus on radar, ultrasonic, IMU and digital maps, and feed information (matching, prediction, etc.) to processors for planning and display.

More specifically, you will:

  • Ensure perception-related artifacts are integrated into dedicated vehicles (cars) in a way that is timely, complete and functionally correct
  • Create detailed, comprehensive and well-structured integration reports
  • Participate in the software, hardware and system integration
  • Develop software for automation and optimization of the integration process
  • Cooperate with test engineers and support preparation of systems for verification tasks
  • Work cross-functional in a pragmatic way to achieve success as a team Note: this description is intended to give you a general overview of the position and is not an exhaustive listing of duties and responsibilities.
What's in It for You

Focusing on the future Our corporate strategy involves focusing on emerging areas in the automotive industry. This strategy is driven by constant innovation, and you will work on the leading edge in perception. We are recognized across the industry for innovation. For example, our SmartCore™ Cockpit Domain Controller earned the German Center of Automotive Management's top innovation prize in 2017. In addition, Visteon:

  • Is the only pure-play cockpit electronics supplier, with the broadest portfolio in the industry
  • Ranks among the top five connected car companies
  • Was the first to market with a cockpit domain controller
  • Regularly integrates advanced technologies needed for an autonomous future
  • Leads the market in digital instrument clusters, automotive information displays, combiner head-up displays and other products Professional development Working at Visteon is not a destination, but a journey in which our employees can develop their strengths and advance their careers while helping a global, technology-focused company achieve its goals. We have programs that range from mentorships and rotational programs to continued education benefits. Visteon is dedicated to performance leadership -- employees are encouraged to set developmental goals every year, and are rewarded for their commitment. Our technical ladder program develops strategic core competencies in a wide range of engineering disciplines.

Important niche in expanding market Visteon DriveCore™ fills an important system integration gap, providing scalable computing hardware and middleware that enable AI algorithms and frameworks to collaborate and communicate with processors, sensors and HD maps. We anticipate a fast-growing market for features like highway pilot/adaptive cruise control, parking assist, blind spot detection, driver monitoring, night vision and lane departure warning -- combined these features could represent a $32.4 billion market by 2025.

Strategic leadership Visteon is collaborating with customers, technology partners and others in establishing an ecosystem and building a successful ADAS-to-autonomous roadmap. We are making focused investments in disruptive technologies. For example, we are the only Tier 1 founder partner for the American Center for Mobility, which will be the largest US purpose-built facility focused on testing, verification and self-certification of connected and automated vehicles on a 500-acre site in Southeast Michigan (7 miles from Visteon).

Broad, diverse product portfolio Visteon is the only company offering a full range of vehicle cockpit electronics products that is focused on this segment, which is expected to grow more than twice as fast as the overall automotive market. Of the technologies that drive consumer satisfaction with vehicles, 90 percent are embedded in products offered by Visteon, giving our employees an exciting opportunity to directly influence the driving experience.

Stability and growth We have a strong book of business that projects into 2020, and a customer base that includes almost every automotive manufacturer on the planet. You will find Visteon on every Ford vehicle. Our revenues in 2017 were $3.15 billion, and 2017 is shaping up to be another strong year for us.

Pictured: The DriveCore platform you will support is an integral part of Visteon's commitment to staying on the leading edge of the epic shift toward connected cars and autonomous vehicles. Highlights from our presentations at CES 2018 feature DriveCore along with fully reconfigurable instrument clusters, advanced digital display technologies, driver monitoring, ADAS integration and the industry’s first cockpit domain controller.

Keys to Success

While we recognize that there will be a learning curve, you should take a proactive approach to getting up to speed quickly. Most team members will be new, so we'll all be learning together. We'll also look to you to continue learning on an ongoing basis -- our success depends upon our staying on the leading edge. As with any new program, there will be some ambiguity as we implement structures, and those structures will evolve -- flexibility and adaptability will be important.

If you are new to the automotive industry you may be surprised at the complexity. Every deliverable has to meet high customer expectations as well as industry standards and regulatory guidelines for safety and quality. As you both perform and document your work, you will need to manage a number of details while also keeping an eye on the big picture.

In addition, in order to excel in any of these roles, you will:

  • Combine analytical skills with creativity in solving problems
  • Ensure the delivery of top quality results in a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines
  • Promote collaboration and knowledge sharing within your team, and with other teams
  • Achieve goals independently, but also contribute as a team player
  • Remain willing to roll up your sleeves and dig into the code
  • Share our passion for staying on the leading edge of automotive electronics

Posted: April 4, 2018