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POSITION SUMMARY The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is responsible for the overall financial administration of the facility, including general accounting, data processing, and financial reporting for the facility in accordance with all facility and corporate policies and procedures. This position ensures that the internal controls are adequate to safeguard the facility’s assets and that the accounting systems are sufficient to generate accurate and timely financial reporting. QUALIFICATIONS Education: Bachelor's Degree in accounting/finance or related field required. Master's Degree is preferred. Experience: A minimum of three (3) years as a Controller or CFO in a health-care setting, with experience in managing multiple functions in a health care business office preferred. Licensure: CPA preferred. Additional Requirements: Thorough knowledge of computers, with experience utilizing health-care based HMS computer system and commonly accepted business software applications programs, particularly EXCEL. STANDARDS OF PERFORMANCE THE ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS ARE CATEGORIZED UNDER THE JCAHO STANDARDS OF PERFORMANCE. Reporting and Accounting Functions 1. Consult with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) concerning the facility’s financial affairs, development of operating policies and procedures, and facility financial goals and objectives. 2. Manage the overall financial and general accounting operations of the facility in accordance with facility policies, procedures and guidelines. 3. Provide analysis of facility income, expenditures, and capital asset values with comparison to previous periods. 4. Maintain and direct facility information systems as directed by corporate and adapt programs to changing needs. 5. Conduct timely reviews of the financial statements and refer financial analysis to the CEO. 6. Ensure the accurate production and review of product line analysis, and consult with the facility management and CEO on findings. 7. Reconciliation of the bank accounts, accounts payable and accounts receivable on a timely basis each month. 8. Produce general ledger on a timely basis each month 9. Produce financial statements within facility guidelines. 10. Ensure the timely and accurate preparation of monthly facility financial statements, and for ensuring compliance with The Joint Commission, CMS and federal and state laws and regulations regarding financial reporting. 11. Provide for consistent and accurate monthly expense accruals and resolve errors on problems in a timely fashion. 12. Maintain a timely completion of daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reporting regarding financial operations/reporting. 13. Ensure outstanding net accounts receivables are managed. 14. Maintain monthly reconciliation on general ledger accounts providing monthly reports on high visibility. 15. Maintain quality control programs and implement and adhere to cost control measures. 16. Manage facility resources efficiently and provide training and guidance to staff to ensure the same. 17. Responsible for the administrative adjustments (contracts). Financial Audit Functions 1. Prepare periodic surveys or questionnaires required by the state government, federal government, or corporate office. 2. Participate in facility internal/external audits and provides all required records to auditor. 3. Analyze QI/IR report results to ensure patient and staff satisfaction and improvement of services, as required. 4. Prepare financial reports, management reports for the CEO, on a regular basis, in regards to financial management of the facility. 5. Make recommendations concerning methods of reducing operating costs, increasing income and improving work flow. 6. Prepare necessary materials for regular internal audits and work with internal auditors. Budget 1. Make recommendations concerning methods of reducing operating costs and increasing income. 2. Prepare and administer the facility’s annual budget. 3. Perform timely variance analysis between budget and the actual results on a monthly basis. 4. Monitor adherence to budget and consult with appropriate management on variances. 5. Discuss management problems, department budgets and major purchase priorities, policies and procedures and legal matters. 6. Incorporate department managers into the budget process. Fixed Assets Management 1. Maintain fixed asset depreciation spreadsheet on Excel. a. Record fixed asset additions and deletions on the SMS computer system. b. Review depreciation reports for accuracy in a timely manner. 2. Compute and record depreciation on buildings, equipment and other assets. Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable/Payroll 1. Ensure the effective control and management of the accounts payable for the facility, within requirements and deadlines: a. Monitor the approval process. b. Ensure proper coding to generate ledger. c. Audit payment and ensure effective use of aging. 2. Ensure the effective audit of accounts receivables for the facility. 3. Ensure the accurate processing and maintenance of the facility’s payroll. a Keep appropriate staff current on federal and state payroll tax laws, tax table changes, and processing procedures. b. Monitor the accuracy of employee payroll deductions, and respond to errors quickly. c. Prepare and file federal and state payroll reports within deadlines on a quarterly basis. Leadership 1. Plan, direct, supervise and coordinate functions and activities of assigned departments. Responsibilities including evaluating performance and initiating or recommending personnel actions and maintaining good employee relations with department staff. 2. Participate in the following committees as requested: Senior Management, Utilization Review, Denial, Operations, and/or Intake meetings. Additional Standards 1. Ensure that staffing and overtime reports are completed bi-weekly. 2. Prepare manual checks in emergency situations. 3. Adhere to facility, department, corporate, personnel, and standard policies and procedures. 4. Attend all mandatory facility in-services and staff development activities as scheduled. 5. Adhere to facility standards concerning conduct, dress, attendance and punctuality. 6. Support facility-wide quality/performance improvement goals and objectives. 7. Maintain confidentiality of facility employees and patient information. Note: The essential job functions of this position are not limited to the duties listed above KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES THIS SECTION DESCRIBES WHAT KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES AN EMPLOYEE IN THIS POSITION SHOULD CURRENTLY POSSESS. THIS LIST MAY NOT BE COMPLETE FOR ALL KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES REQUIRED FOR THIS POSITION. 1. Knowledge of facility policies and procedures. 2. Skill in organizing and prioritizing workloads to meet deadlines. 3. Skill in telephone etiquette and paging procedures. 4. Effective oral and written communication skills. 5. Must have excellent supervisory and interpersonal communication skills to effectively communicate ideas/problems/instructions (oral or written) with employees, peers and supervisor. 6. Ability to communicate effectively with patients and co-workers. 7. Ability to adhere to safety policies and procedures. 8. Ability to use good judgment and to maintain confidentiality of information. 9. Ability to work as a team player. 10. Ability to demonstrate tact, resourcefulness, patience and dedication. 11. Ability to accept direction and adhere to policies and procedures. 12. Ability to recognize the importance of adapting to the various patient age groups (adolescent, adult and geriatric). 13. Ability to analyze situations, evaluate data, recommend/implement courses of action that would improve the functioning of systems/processes he/she is involved in. 14. Ability to interpret, adapt and apply guidelines and procedures. 15. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment. 16. Ability to meet deadlines. 17. Ability to react calmly and effectively in emergency situations. PHYSICAL, MENTAL, AND SPECIAL DEMANDS THIS SECTION DESCRIBES HOW AN EMPLOYEE IN THIS POSITION CURRENTLY PERFORMS THE FUNCTIONS OF THIS POSITION. MODIFICATIONS TO THE MANNER IN WHICH THIS JOB MAY BE PERFORMED WILL BE REVIEWED ON A CASE BY CASE BASIS. 1. Ability to work at least a 40-hour week. 2. Ability to sit for long periods (8 to 10 hours). 3. Ability to use both hands in fine manipulation of small tools (copier, computer, telephone, typewriter, calculator, safe, facsimile machine). 4. Ability to push and pull up to 10 lbs. (file cabinet drawers, computer paper boxes). 5. Ability to see well enough to read handwritten and typewritten material. 6. Ability to lift and carry up to 25 lbs. to move/transfer file boxes, and data processing paper. 7. Ability to stoop, kneel, and bend to retrieve files from bottom shelves and drawers, to move boxes of paper and forms to computer printer. 8. Ability to reach, turn, and twist above and below the waist. 9. Ability to stand and walk the facility grounds. 10. Ability to spend 90% working time in environment of continuous low voices and office machine noise typical for business office atmosphere. 11. Ability to handle a variety of repetitive tasks at a moderate level. 12. Ability to occasionally handle electrical, mechanical, or equipment emergencies. MACHINES, TOOLS, EQUIPMENT, AND OTHER WORK AIDES: THIS SECTION DESCRIBES THOSE MACHINES, TOOLS, EQUIPMENT, AND OTHER WORK AIDES AN EMPLOYEE IN THIS POSITION MUST BE ABLE TO USE. 1. Computer, printer and various software packages (Excel). 2. Calculator/10-key. 3. Typewriter. 4. Telephone and paging system. 5. Copy machine. 6. Policies, procedures, plans and program manuals.

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