Dow Chemical PU Value Chain Marketing Manager in Shanghai, China

We are selling Polyurethane raw materials to many downstream applications such as furniture & bedding, footwear, sports, synthetic leather, automotive, home appliance, construction & infrastructure, power transmission, electrical & electronics, rail transportation, marine, wind etc. Although we are in B2B business in majority, it is getting more and more important to extend the value chain to further downstream end user markets to pull the demand. Therefore work with the end user brand owner by ingredient branding can create additional value for us.


  • Work closely with market segment managers to understand the segment marketing strategy, and articulate market trends and unmet needs for value chain involvement and ingredient branding opportunity in various Polyurethane downstream applications mentioned above.

  • Create PU Asia Pacific business value chain & ingredient branding strategy, and ensure the value chain & ingredient branding strategy is aligned with PU business sub-segment marketing strategy.

  • Lead the internal marketing, market communication, & commercial team to prioritize the opportunity, then collaborate with value chain partner to execute the ingredient branding, design the launch plan.

  • Monitors success, making adjustments, coordinating and directing resources such that the expected results are achieved or exceeded.

  • 5 - 10 years of industry experience in customer facing roles years especially on branding experience, more specific on B2B ingredient branding

  • Bachelor degree above; MBA is preferred

Core Competency:

  • Collaborating for Superior Results – We are part of a global team, committed to working together to drive superior results. We recognize that to truly solve world challenges, we must partner with our colleagues and customers to get to the best solutions. We build successful relationships and have a high level of trust of one another. We do not settle for “good enough” but always aim higher. We set challenging goals and hold ourselves and each other accountable to the highest standard. We require excellence not only in our results, but in how we achieve them.

  • Leading Courageously – Courageous employees balance promise and risk. We have the self-confidence to lead by example and listen to a diversity of views. We appreciate the complexity of today’s global business environment, and the risks that need to be taken to challenge what we know and take us to new spaces. We possess the foresight and courage to pave a path forward – one that embraces innovation as a means to turn challenges into opportunities.

  • Delivering Innovative Solutions – Innovation is more than creative thinking – it is creative thinking that results in real, tangible business solutions. At Dow, innovators are not confined by the status quo. We constantly ask “what if?” or “why not?” We recognize possibilities and push beyond boundaries to create greater profitability, sustainability and growth.

  • Generating Customer Value – Listening, understanding, anticipating, solving – these are actions that define Dow people. We have a deep knowledge of the markets we participate in and anticipate new markets that would benefit from our technology. We see the world through our customers’ eyes. We are passionate about addressing challenges. We find value in generating value. At Dow, we are committed to reaching beyond the obvious to offer the unexpected – delivering superior service for today's customers and recognizing solutions for tomorrow's markets.

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