OKLAND CONSTRUCTION Pre-Construction Service Manager in SALT LAKE CTY, Utah

Position Summary: Manages and oversees the pre-construction process. Ensures that a smooth transition between pre-construction to construction occurs. Establishes and maintains a strong relationship with the owner, designer, and subcontractor. Also, oversees the estimating process. Makes certain that the company is being represented in accordance with Okland's corporate values. Required Tasks: Oversees the estimating process. Sets the project up for overall success. Proves value analysis solutions (systems options), including cost-schedule impacts. Establishes and maintains strong relationships with the owner, designer, and subcontractors. Is the lead contact with client and architect. Develops and maintains pre-construction schedule. Ensures a smooth transition from pre-construction to construction. Serves as the liaison between estimators and owners. Develops strong and long-lasting relationships with clients by understanding what is important to them. Markets the company to the owner and architectural team; engages the Business Development Department in pursuing future opportunities. Regular, timely, and predictable attendance is required for this position. Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned. Additional Tasks: Provides estimating and pricing on an assigned or multiple projects. Submits requests to architects and -or owners to obtain clarifications and answers to questions. Presents estimates to the owner in a clean and clear format. Provides all estimate breakouts required by the bid documents, the client, or Okland personnel. Estimates complete concrete general requirements or conditions, including demolition, earthwork, crane needs, ready-mix adjustments, steel embeds and rough carpentry. Reviews and prices all items before others see it. Establishes a rough draft schedule of the project in order to develop estimate pricing, general conditions, and concrete general requirement. Provides estimate for project general conditions, as requested. Sets up the recap on the project, as requested. Reviews established budget estimate and bid, and assists the project manager and job cost accountant with setting up the proper codes and organization of the job cost report. Transmits to the owners and architects the appropriate estimate summaries, recapitulations, and general conditions, etc., in a PDF format only. Education-Experience Requirements: Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Construction Management (or related field) preferred. 10+ years of scheduling and cost estimating experience, including reading and researching blueprints, quantity take-offs, and estimating practices. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Requirements: Knowledge of construction and renovation terms, materials, techniques, procedures, and practices Commanding knowledge of architectural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. Knowledge of construction cost estimating techniques, procedures, and practices, including material quantity take-offs, labor unit work hours, labor rate analysis, and material unit pricing. Knowledge of value engineering and total life cycle costing techniques, procedures, and practices Knowledge of construction cost estimating computer software. Knowledge of PC-based project management software and other applications (e.g., word processing, spreadsheets, and database programs). Ability to analyze bids, cost proposals, and cost estimates, including labor rates, fringe benefits, overhead, and profit. Ability to read, interpret, and understand construction drawings and specifications. Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously. Ability to read and understand construction schedules. Ability to coordinate action to accomplish work objectives while exercising necessary flexibility Ability to meet predetermined deadlines. Ability to work cooperatively with management, coworkers, publi