Tasks for Fence Erector The Fence Erector establishes the location for a fence, and gather information needed to ensure that there are no electric cables or water lines in the area. The Fence Erector aligns posts, using lines or by signing, and verifies vertical alignment of posts, using plumb bobs or spirit levels. The Fence Erector measures and lays out fence lines and mark posthole positions, following instructions, drawings, or specifications. The Fence Erector digs postholes, using spades, posthole diggers, or power-driven augers. The Fence Erector sets metal or wooden posts in upright positions in postholes. The Fence Erector discusses fencing needs with customers, and estimates and quotes prices. The Fence Erector mixes and pours concrete around bases of posts, or tamps soil into postholes to embed posts. The Fence Erector makes rails for fences, by sawing lumber or by cutting metal tubing to required lengths. The Fence Erector nails top and bottom rails to fence posts, or inserts them in slots on posts. The Fence Erector stretches wire, wire mesh, or chain link fencing between posts, and attaches fencing to frames.