CDW Contract Specialist in Chicago, Illinois

The Contract Specialist serves as a resource for the Sales organization, by reviewing and verifying the business and legal aspects of Non-Disclosure Agreements, Purchase Orders, Business Associate Agreements, and other contracts for risk, compliance, scope and other impactful components. The Contract Specialist works closely with stakeholders in business units within CDW to obtain appropriate input and approvals and advise them of compliance and risk. The Contract Specialist also interacts with customer contracts and procurement representatives to negotiate agreements.

Key Areas of Responsibility

  • Draft, review, negotiate,and edit contract documents, with special attention to potential legal andbusiness risk factors for the company; addressing those as needed to minimizeand mitigate such risks.

  • Ensure all appropriateapprovals are obtained and issues are addressed by coordinating stakeholderinput from CDW, partner, and end-user customer as necessary.

  • Identify thecorrect stakeholder(s) when needed, and coach them on the issues and possiblesolutions.

  • Organize communications between all parties, maintaining anunobstructed information stream and workflow while preventing inappropriatedisclosure of sensitive information.

  • Maintain negotiation records and documentation in the appropriatecontent/document management systems, ensuring that all legal documents arecorrectly archived.

  • Identify gaps in standard template language required forcompany-wide use.

  • Provide input on current workflow processes and procedures tocontinually improve the existing business model for maximum efficiency.

  • Assistin updating department playbooks and wiki resources with these improved processes.

  • Oversee created contracts with all parties from draft through toexecution.

  • Create customer-facing documents.

  • Serve as liaison to all stakeholders by assisting with process issues,training, and developing tools and language to capture important components ofagreements and transactions.


  • Provide effectivecommunication to key stakeholders, assist stakeholders in expressing theirneeds, and manage information flow.

  • Oversee contracting process.

  • Provideguidance and coordination for all stakeholders. Maintain high levels ofcustomer satisfaction via fast, accurate, and professional contract creation and review contracting process.

  • Provideguidance and coordination for all stakeholders. Maintain high levels ofcustomer satisfaction via fast, accurate, and professional contract creation and review.

  • Assist sales teams by advising on contract terms and conditions andrelated content areas to help effectively drive swift execution.

  • Mitigate company risk profile by spotting potential legal, business,and compliance issues via aprofessionally written contract vehicle.

  • Build strong relationships with key coworkers and outside personnel.

  • Provide contract training tosales, services teams, and managementas requested.

  • Address other issues, asthey arise, related to contracting processes.

  • Perform various administrative, support, auditing, project-related andother work, assigned on an as needed basis.

Theinformation in this position description is intended to convey informationabout the key responsibilities and requirements of the position. It is not anexhaustive list of the skills, efforts, duties, responsibilities or workingconditions associated with the opportunity. Responsibilities are subject tochange.


Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree

  • 2 years’ experience in a contracts related position

Other Required Qualifications

  • Strong analytical skillswith ability to recognize both business and legal risks and opportunities.

  • Ability to performindependently at a high level with minimaloversight

  • Excellent oral and writtencommunications skills.

  • Ability to multi-task, toperform well under tight time constraints, to meet hard deadlines, and torespond quickly to emergent issues with poise and composure

  • A diplomatic and professional approach to business contacts

  • Proficiency with PC; command of MS Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat, and Outlook.

  • Ability to maintainconcentrated focus on details to spot even the most minor discrepancies andanomalies in contract documentation and scopestatements.

Preferred Qualifications

  • 4 years’ experience draftingand negotiating contracts of varying degree of complexity in a corporate or ITenvironment.

  • Paralegal Certification orother similar professional contracting organization certification (CPCM, CFCM,CCM, etc.).

  • Experience with contract management software or other contractmanagement workflow tools.

Contract Specialist

Chicago, IL