Primary Care of Bonne Terre LLC Family Nurse Practitioner in Bonne Terre, Missouri

The Family Nurse Practitioner providers primary health care to individuals and families in all aspects and developmental stages of life. This includes management of health problems and the promotion of optimal health.Makes sound clinical judgements based on an assessment of the physical, psychological, spiritual, social and environmental needs of the client.Develop a problem list, a diagnostic, therapeutic and teaching plan.Determine which problems are within the scope of practice, and which require a referral to a physician according to mutually accepted guidelines.Analyze health behavior related to personality, life style, socio-economic status and culture.Develop, implement, and periodically evaluate therapeutic plans.Prescribe treatment for illnesses within the Family Nurse Practitionerand#39;s scope of practice.Order and interpret diagnostic studiesCommunicate, consult and collaborate with other professionals involved in the delivery of total patient care.Keep complete problem-oriented records.Consult and collaborate with the physicians regarding any non-routine medical problems.Perform minor diagnostic and surgical procedures within the scope of practice. Fully inform patients of risks and benefits of any procedure.Work as a team member, and maintain collaborative relationship with physician in the practice and render care according to the guidelines of a standard care agreement.Prescribe medication under the Missouri Board of Nursing.Other duties may be assigned, as required.