Rupp's Unique Auto Body, LLC Estimator in Morris, Minnesota

Must be able to communicate effectively and professionally with customers . Maintain clean and organized work space and appearance. Complete paperwork thoroughly and on time. Have computer proficiency and negotiating skills. Tasks include: -Prepare accurate estimates. -Schedule work. -Maintain strong relationship with customer base (i.e., insurance, fleets, car owners). -Prior to delivery, review billing for completeness to ensure smooth delivery to customer. -Follow up on appraisals for sales. -Make sure supplements are completed and approved before delivery of car. -Process job check-in sheet, authorization, estimate, supplements, warranty, CSI, final bill, delivery instructions, collect money, customer complaints, check-out sheet/quality-control checklist. -Resell job at delivery. -Print and review repair order detail prior to final bill. -Maintain customer contact throughout repair. -Negotiate agreed price with insurance company