Northside Achievement Zone Data Innovation Director in Minenapolis, Minnesota

The Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ) is a bold and innovative collaborative effort to close the achievement gap in a geographic Zone of North Minneapolis. The purpose of our work is to end multigenerational poverty in our community, using education as a lever. We use a data-driven, evidence-based, achievement-focused model in which both children and their families move through a cradle-to-career ecosystem that provides comprehensive support. NAZ is a leading initiative in the national Promise Neighborhoods and cradle to college/career movement. As NAZ learns what works with families in North Minneapolis to address complex issues related to urban poverty, strategies are being set up for replication and informing the regional, state, and national field. Position Overview: One of NAZ s key values is using data to drive results. To this end, NAZ has developed an innovative data collection and analysis process at the center of our design that equips staff, partners, and families involved with NAZ with ongoing access to data to continuously improve our efforts together to create better student outcomes. The Data System Innovation Director leads the development and innovation of our collaborative database to enable data to drive results across NAZ. Using a combination of technical and adaptive (relational, strategic) skills, the Data System Innovation Director will help identify and specify technical solutions to improve the collaborative database and the pathways for NAZ and partner staff to collect and use data in real-time. Primary Responsibilities: Database Innovation: Oversee ongoing development and improvement of NAZs integrated data system used across staff and partners to support our coordinated approach to provide multi-sector data at an individual and aggregate level to support collective impact. This includes supervising the Database Manager role to build database methods that ensure data integrity and accessibility, and serving as a relationship manager to NAZ s data system vendor. Lead the development of new functionality to maximize the use of the database. Partner database Use: Lead exploration of opportunities and barriers for deeper integration of database with partners. Understand and specify solutions for ease of use, data bridging with other partner databases, and providing technical support for effective shared data process. Data Use Process: Work with NAZ program leadership to develop and improve operating procedures with specific focus on how data can be collected and used to drive results. Specify content for routine results to ensure that these reports support implementation, communications, or development needs. Stakeholder Reporting: Coordinate with NAZ evaluators at Wilder Research to support their development of a longitudinal database and Department of Education reporting requirements. Oversee both the Database Manager and Wilder Research s efforts to align database structure and reporting functions to assure they meet both internal results process needs and external reporting requirements.