Weatherford SERVICE TECHNICIAN LV 1 (TRS)/Помощник бурильщика (отдела по спуско-подъемным операциям), уровень -1 in AKTAU, Kazakhstan


  • To check own working place before crew change, to pay attention to: good maintenance of the equipment, appliances, instruments and devices; availability and good condition of the fences, safeguards, blocking and signalizing appliances, PPE, ventilation, fire extinguishers, passages, crossings, elimination of the messes on working places, using of the manual equipment appropriately, and also to be sure that all ladders and banisters are in a safe condition.

  • To make a risk assessment, also in clamping places before job start, to keep hands away from moving and rotating tools, and stay in appropriate places; wearing of the hand-bracelets and hand-rings on Rig site and during work with tools and equipment is strictly prohibited.

  • To provide safe and secure work of all the control heads types and appropriate usage as per WFT work instructions and procedures, timely, qualitative repair and technical maintenance of the equipment; under control of the more qualified specialist (Supervisor, helper of supervisor)

  • To fulfill necessary technical operations – preparation, cleaning, painting, lubrication, handling of the equipment and materials; carry out safe repair works, qualitative repair and modernization of the equipment, and also appropriate expenditure of materials resources intended for these aims; visually check and inspect equipment and hoses on leakage.

  • To operate power and handling equipment within the customer’s time specifications and in compliance with the Weatherford HSE & QA/QC system to maintain the integrity of the client’s wells.

  • Employee must have successfully completed 6 months in-house training & completed minimum 5 Casing/Tubing jobs in the field (must include 2 offshore jobs).

  • Employee must know the basic operating and maintenance procedures for all different types of Weatherford power and handling equipment.

  • Employee must show a good, positive, and safe attitude towards their work.

  • Employee must show a willingness to study and improve their English language.

  • Assist in equipment maintenance and preparation of load outs.

  • To take part in the programs to improve quality of job performance, in the HSSE and Labour protection trainings, also intend to be trained by plan on the elimination of breakdown situations.

  • To inform supervisor about each case of illness, injury, poisoning got personally or by other employees; to make proposals on improvement of labor conditions and protection; fire safety, requirements on ecological safety and HSE, in case of necessity to render assistance and information.

  • To handle and wear on personal coveralls with care as per PPE wear-on and handling procedure. To observe established Labour protection, Fire safety, Ecological safety requirements standards and rules.

  • To take part in testing of Technological equipment, in conducting of experimental works on inspection and technical process, mode and operation development.

  • Employee is enabled: to be acquainted with projects of Manager’s decisions, relating to employee’s activity, to submit proposals on Enterprise excellence for manager’s consideration, which is blinded with duties by this instruction; to kindly require an assistance from the management in the execution of own job duties and rights.